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3 Little Things About Corporate Culture That Make a Big Difference


If you’re going on a job interview in the near future, you probably already have your list of big questions to ask in order to figure out if this is the gig for you. But while you’re looking at the big issues, don’t forget about the little ones — the seemingly innocuous tells that give you real insight into what it would be like to work at this place on a day-to-day basis.

Jaime Petkanis at The Levo League offers a few great tips on how to tell what the corporate culture is really like, even while you’re wearing your rose-tinted interviewing glasses. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Offices, Cubicles, or Neither?

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Are you an introvert who prefers a lot of privacy? An open-plan office environment probably isn’t for you. Conversely, if you’re a social creature who loves to collaborate, a deadly silent office made up of mazes of cubicles probably won’t make work a pleasure.

2. Dress Code

“In my first job, I had to wear slacks, heels, a nice (but never trendy) top, and a blazer to work every day. I felt so ‘blah’ it wasn’t even funny!” Petkanis writes. “Honestly, it seems small, but walking out the door every morning not feeling good about what I was wearing made an impact on my day.”

3. The “Vibe”

The hardest to quantify thing on the list, this is the general feeling you get from the office when you visit. Does it seem like a place where you’d be happy? Does it look like the other folks at the office are having a good time, working hard, and getting things done? Don’t be afraid to go with your gut. Sometimes, it knows things your brain doesn’t.

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I look for how many gun shot holes are in the door or wall of my hiring manager.  : )

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