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2020 was a landmark year, requiring organizations to be more agile about compensation and benefits than ever before. In 2021, these challenges aren’t going away. If anything, they are just starting to heat up.

The good news is this is not a solo mission. This year, we invite you to Navigate the Compensation Journey, Together, with us at #Compference21! On your compensation journey there are obstacles and aid, adversity and advantage. Conditions vary, change is certain.

As you navigate this journey, you’ll need tools to guide your way, a map to provide direction, and a community of partners & peers to support you at every turn.

This year’s Compference event represents a marked passage, as we celebrate the shared journey of Payscale joining forces with Payfactors. We are #bettertogether: for and with our clients, our partners, our industry, and the future of compensation.

Whether you’re new to the compensation industry or a seasoned compensation professional, Compference21 is a chance to network, learn, and grow with a community of thought leaders, experts, and allies, as we collectively traverse the peaks and valleys of modern Compensation Management.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

Keynote speakers

Liz Fosslien + Mollie West Duffy

Authors & Consultants

Liz + Mollie

Liz and Mollie are the co-authors of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book No Hard Feelings. Their work has been featured by TED, NPR, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and learn more…

Dr. C. Nicole Mason

President & CEO

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Recently named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine, Dr. C. Nicole Mason is the president and chief executive officer of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). Having stepped into the role in learn more…

Joe Burton

Founder & CEO


Joe Burton is Whil’s Founder and CEO. He’s an entrepreneur in scientific wellbeing, former president of Headspace, and spent 15 years as a global COO in public companies. Joe is a thought leader in learn more…

Why attend

Pre-Compference workshops – October 19, 2021

Elevate you Compference21 experience by adding on a pre-day workshop to your registration for a nominal fee of $300 per session or bundle and save! 2 workshops for $550 or 3 for $800. Workshops are hands-on, interactive, and immersive experiences, facilitated by comp pros, product experts, and industry leaders. Workshops will be 2 hours in length, have limited capacity, and will occur on Tuesday, October 19th. Workshop participants will qualify to receive SHRM and HRCI credits.


$550/2 workshop bundle

$800/3 workshop bundle

What’s Important to You

Product Agnostic

Audience: Open to all

This 75-minute workshop is led by Kyla Mitsunaga, award-winning professor, Forbes Councils member, and founder of the Happiness Workshop. We’ll deep dive into this simple 4-word question and emerge with a truly profound and transformative impact for you (and your colleagues who come knocking later). Bring a notebook and pen to this interactive session and join other like-minded humans as you learn about the key values of top-performing teams, how to live a core value-driven life, and tools to define and prioritize what is important to you NOW. Visit for more about Kyla and her transformational work.
Payscale is excited to provide this unique workshop offering for Compference21 and with Kyla’s help, create space for a collaborative reset heading into Compference and the rest of the year.

Managing a Successful Increase Cycle

Product Agnostic

Audience: Open to all

That time of year for many companies is quickly approaching. Increases, bonuses, promotions! Are you ready? Topics include a foundational knowledge refresh of the mechanics of an effective increase cycle, establishing your chain of decision-makers, and examining what makes for smart milestone-timing around increase cycles. This workshop and its concepts have been developed for the general audience looking to create an action plan to improve increase cycle processes.

Creating Structures in Payfactors

Product: Payfactors

Audience: Customers only

Pay structures or salary ranges provide organizations with decision-making guidelines that are designed to align with their talent strategy and business growth goals. When done well, structures enable external competitiveness, internal equity, and better financial control for compensation costs. Join us as we review the commonly used types of pay structures, how to choose the right option for you, and the impact of pay structures on remote work, hiring, and engagement. Attendees will benefit most from this workshop if they have completed the majority of job pricing and have a general understanding of their organization’s compensation philosophy. This will allow for real-time work during the session as you engage in strategies for building meaningful and effective pay structures in your Payfactors account.

What’s Next? Establishing Comp as a Partner to the Org

Product Agnostic

Audience: Open to all

Have you begun your compensation journey but struggling to make progress? This session is designed for HR and Comp professionals looking to advance their strategies around using compensation to impact their organization. Takeaways include key report-types for communicating the state of comp, ways to secure (or create) a seat at the “table”, and how to gain leadership buy-in for next steps. While not required, attendees will benefit most from this workshop if they one or more of the following in place: compensation philosophy/strategy, market data study results, and pay structure.

Annual Refresh – Managing Next Year’s Comp

Product: Insight Lab

Audience: Customers only

This is a special session for Insight Lab clients whose strategy and structure are ready for a refresh. Led by members of Payscale’s Professional Services team, this workshop includes reviewing key reports for understanding and communicating the health of your compensation program, considerations to make when taking next steps , and walk-throughs of updating pay structures based on challenging scenarios such as compression and minimum wage increases. Additionally, participate in a hosted discussion around strategies to roll out the next evolution of compensation at your organization. Attendees are strongly recommended to update market pricing for their jobs or at minimum critical roles prior to the workshop date so they can work alongside the presentation in their Insight Lab accounts.

Art of Market Pricing and Pay Markets

Product: Payfactors

Audience: Customers only

To get pay right, you need relevant data. In this session, we’ll cover how to balance the art and science of pricing jobs in Payfactors and ways to manage Pay Markets, so they best represent your organization’s compensation philosophy. Participants will also explore important considerations to make when using Pricing Projects, the Quick Price Tool, and working with Company Jobs to enable decision-ready data insights in your Payfactors product.

Designing an Effective Job Description Program

Product Agnostic

Audience: Open to all

When job descriptions are managed well, they enable key teams such as compensation, recruitment, and leadership to achieve critical goals while speaking the same language. When they’re not, it can expose the organization to financial risks and costly compliance challenges that impact your bottom line. This workshop will begin with a review on what makes for a good description and why that information matters, but the bulk of session will focus on ways to create a more holistic program around maintaining job descriptions. Designed mainly for HR teams who are looking for strategies on what stakeholders to involve and when, solutions for standardizing policies and processes, and identifying and improving the impact of job descriptions across your business.

Compensation Communication that Delivers

Product Agnostic

Audience: Open to all

Talking compensation can be tough for HR, managers, and employees. Doing it without training makes it even harder. Over half (57.8%!) of the participants from Payscale’s 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report don’t offer manager training on pay communications. That’s a lot of managers navigating on their own, trying to understand the rationale behind a comp program and do their best to communicate a nuanced topic in a potentially delicate situation. From the Execs to the first line managers, this workshop covers the what, why, and how of good comp communication and discusses strategies for “training the trainer” to ensure your program is delivered with confidence and ease.

From Tableau to Seat at the Table

Product: MarketPay

Audience: Customers only

Data is great but answers are better. Instead of sending leadership complex spreadsheets that are tough to discern, come learn from the experts on how MarketPay’s advanced Tableau functions and report writers can create visually compelling analyses that help answer business problems and allow you to share information quickly and easily. Additional time will be spent throughout the session on ways to connect your reporting to your Executive’s pain points and strategies to evolve Comp and HR as a proactive partner to the organization.

Chart Your Course: Creating a Smart Comp Plan

Product Agnostic

Audience: Open to all

Dreaming of a compensation utopia but need a place to start? Join us as we discuss the critical items needed on your journey such as a compensation philosophy or market strategy. Discover best-practice methods of applying these fundamentals at your organization to ensure you have effective pay structures and communication practices in place to achieve your business objectives. Attendees will develop a playbook during the session to map out their goals, roadblocks, and general strategy plans.

Drive the Narrative: Data and Reporting

Product: Payfactors

Audience: Customers only

This workshop is for the Payfactors customer who feels that making data-driven, informed decisions is easier said than done. Major takeaways include where to access analytics and why each are meaningful, key reporting actions to help you stay on top of compensation at your organization, and real-life reporting scenarios to help increase confidence and knowledge when you share data with the organization. This session will leverage Standard Reports available within the Payfactors platform and general product insights to help you answer business problems with data reporting.

All About Surveys

Product: MarketPay

Audience: Customers only

Managing the annual survey cycle is a critical piece of an organization’s larger compensation calendar. Join Payscale as we discuss the key survey-related milestones throughout the year and their corresponding components in MarketPay. The session will begin with a look at the Fall time-frame’s survey responsibilities and follow through the calendar year with strategies, techniques, and exercises. You’ll walk away from this workshop with expanded expertise in areas such as survey participation, management, migration and library updates in your MarketPay product and ensure your account is survey season ready.

Past attending organizations

What people say about Compference


After attending a lot of these session at Compference this year, I feel a lot more confident [using Payscale]. I like the networking opportunities we’ve had, that product managers are avaliable to chat during sessions, and [that there is] a lot of great takeaways and documentations that have been provided.

Kristine Kratschmer, Director of Human Resources, at Trilogy Excursions

As with many years in the past, this has been just a fantastic conference! Wouldn’t know what to do with our pay practices without the help of those fine folks there. Very much encourage everyone to check out next year’s Compference!

Tom McElroy, Director of Finance & Administration, Gravitational Marketing


> When is the Compference21 virtual event?

The virtual event is October 20-21st, 2020. It is open to everyone, and there is no cost to register. Additionally, there will be some fee-based workshops offered on October 19th.

> Is there a cost to register for the Compference21 virtual event?

There is no cost to register for the Compference21 virtual event, October 20-21. Anyone can register. There will also be some fee-based workshops offered on October 19th. These hands-on, interactive workshops will be longer in length. SHRM and HRCI credits will be offered to workshop participants.

> Will there be a networking opportunity?

Yes! Throughout the event will feature a multitude of opportunities to connect with peers, session leaders, keynote presenters, and colleagues. Among these opportunities, you have the ability to message attendees directly, space to interact with fellow session attendees before, during and after sessions, break out and zoom rooms for longer form discussions, and more.

> Can I register for the event and add on a workshop later?

Yes! To view or modify your existing registration, sign into using the event credentials created when you originally registered. Once signed in, you can add and pay to participate in a pre-Compference workshop.

> Will there be an in-person Compference in 2022?

With the ever-changing environment of the global pandemic, it is hard to predict what the state of our world will be next year. However, we will be constantly evaluating opportunities to meet in person, and adjusting the Compference event as the situation evolves.

> Will you offer group pricing?

Group pricing is not available for the October 19 fee-based workshops. However, there is no cost for attendees to view the sessions content on October 20-21.

> Will there be product workshops?

The content and format of this year’s virtual event are still being finalized, but there will definitely be in-product sessions and educational opportunities.

> Where can I register for the virtual event?

Go to this link to register for Compference21 virtual event:

> Can I earn continuing education unit (CEU) credits by attending Compference?

Compference21 will be offering pre-day workshops that will earn attendees SHRM & HRCI credits. Registration for the paid workshops on October 19 is required in order to receive these credits.

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