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Avoiding Hidden Costs of The Cloud [infographic]


More and more companies are choosing cloud computing. To successfully make the transition, firms should follow a certain process, as this Symantec infographic proves.

Last year, just 75 percent of companies were cloud computing. This year, that figure is up to 90 percent. The infographic asks, “But in their haste to implement, are companies wasting money by failing to plan properly?” Some of the highest drivers of cost include SSL certificates, recovery failure, privacy violations, dupes and rogue uses.

Companies can avoid those costly items, or at least minimize them. Focus policies on information and people rather than on technology. Educate, monitor and enforce policies. It’s also important to deduplicate data in the cloud and embrace tools that are platform-agnostic.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on avoiding hidden costs of the cloud.

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