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How Successful People Spend Their Weekends


What did you do this weekend? Maybe do a few chores, and then stare alternately at your phone and television until it was time to get ready for Monday morning? Asking for a friend, obviously.

If you did fritter away your weekend, you might be inspired by a new ebook, What Successful People Do on the Weekend. Author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam argues that most of us waste our weekends, because we think doing nothing will help us relax. In fact, totally unstructured time tends to slip through our fingers, bringing us to the beginning of the work week feeling less refreshed and recharged than exhausted and stressed out.

The goal of the book is to find out what kind of weekend activities make people happiest both during those precious leisure hours and at work during the week. (As Paula Derrow at points out, the book itself is a quick read, so you don’t have to worry wasting your weekend reading self-help books.)

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So what do successful people do with their time off? It seems to matter less which activities they choose, and more that they make time to do something that refreshes their spirit. Dominique Schurman, CEO of the stationery chain Papyrus, likes to garden, for example, while Mike Huckabee likes to get up early and read the newspapers while he rides his exercise bike.

Vanderkam, on the other hand, either has her husband grill her a steak or take her out to a fancy restaurant. So I’m guessing that in addition to being a very successful person, she would also make a fun life coach. Something for her to think about, should she ever tire of the time management game.

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