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Marissa Mayer’s Maternity Leave Maddens the Masses


Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, and her husband welcomed their son to the world on Sunday night. Instead of offering congratulations, the blogosphere is all fired up because Mayer plans to return to the office as early as next week, taking what might be the shortest and most public maternity leave this author can remember.

In her short tenure as CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has made more than her share of headlines. First, she publicly announced her pregnancy within hours of being named the struggling company's new CEO. Then she made waves when she claimed her maternity leave would be for a couple weeks and she would work throughout the duration. Now that her son is here, it appears Mayer intends to follow through on those plans, returning to the office next week or the week after, according to a Yahoo spokesperson.

The Internet seems to have caught the vapors, clutching their pearls over her choice to return to work so soon. With opinions ranging from outrage about her short maternity leave to anger and dismay about the fact that strangers feel entitled to decide what a woman should and should not do after having a baby, it is not difficult to imagine how this buzz might be affecting the new mother. 

Instead of offering another opinion on a topic that is, in fact, none of our business, PayScale decided to go to what we know. We looked at our data to see what we know about Yahoo employees, and what we found might surprise you.

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Yahoo the Employer: A PayScale Close-Up

In our data package, "Top Tech Employer Comparison", we compared employers in the tech industry, examining benefits, employee demographics, and more from the top tech companies in the country. Here is what we found interesting about Yahoo.

  • Few Females: Yahoo has a heavy male presence, with female employees accounting for only 29 percent of the company's employees. 
  • Young: The median age of Yahoo's employees is 33, prime childrearing age.
  • Flexible Schedules: How much flexibility would a new parent have, after bringing a baby home? Plenty, according to our findings. Along with stock options and a health club membership, Yahoo employees cited the ability to work from home as one of the top perks of working for the company.

Between the schedule flexibility and the fact that Yahoo typically pays its employees 11 percent above market, it could be that new parents have more options available to them. 

On behalf of PayScale, we want to congratulate Marissa Mayer and her husband on the birth of their son. While we can't help but keep a close eye on how Yahoo compensates their employees, we promise not to judge you if you decide to formula feed, co-sleep, or (gasp) hire a nanny. In fact, we'll even share our data about typical nanny salaries with you. Congratulations!

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