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What Is the Most Underrated College in Your State? [infographic]


Every state in the US has at least one “hidden gem” of a college, one that can claim both high acceptance rates and excellent academics. Too often, those gems are overlooked in the scramble to be accepted to the more exclusive schools. Recently, Business Insider teamed up with Niche to determine the most underrated college in each state.

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Peter Jacobs, the education reporter for Business Insider, explains, “Oftentimes, these schools’ strong academic programs are overshadowed by the popular perception that a college is better if it’s tough to get into.”

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One illustration of acceptance rate extremes is California where Stanford University, the most competitive college in the country, has an acceptance rate of only 5 percent, and the most underrated college in the state, the University of California, Santa Cruz, has an acceptance rate of 68 percent. Before putting every egg in the Stanford basket, a college applicant may want to consider the odds and pick a sure thing over the long shot — or apply to both, to hedge their bets.

Future college students wading through the quagmire of selecting and applying to colleges can research options using this list, as well as the Payscale College ROI Report, to compare acceptance rates along with tuition costs, graduation rates, and other signifiers in determining their safest options.

Click here to view the complete list.

The Most Underrated College in Every State Infographic brought to you by Mike Nudelman of Business Insider.

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