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People in These Jobs Drink More Coffee Than You Do [infographic]


Say there. We couldn’t help but notice that you seem a little tired. Could you use a cup of coffee? Or perhaps three? We sure could, and according to a recent survey, that’s not surprising: Editors and Writers are the fourth most coffee drinkin’ folks in the U.S.

The research, which comes to us from Dunkin Donuts and Career Builder, shows that scientists and other lab professionals drink the most coffee, followed by marketing and PR people, followed by education administrators, and then ink-stained wretches. (Although now, we suppose, we’re more the wretches with carpal tunnel syndrome and a Twitter problem, but we digress.)

As Bon Appetit points out, financial professionals are farther down the list (at No. 10) than we would have thought, and lawyers don’t even make the top 15.

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