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5 Ways to Perk Up a Boring Workweek

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You might be stuck working during a typically low-energy week between Christmas and New Year’s, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your time goofing off.


You can make great strides in your career, your mental game and even your flu-fighting efforts with minimal fuss. Here’s how to get your productivity game strong, even if you’re the only one in the office.


1. Get to Cleaning


There’s nothing like getting those piles filed and off your desk, and a little “winter cleaning” never hurt anyone.


If your office doesn’t have cleaning supplies, you can bring some from home. You can use any number of DIY cleaning combinations of water and white vinegar (use a 1:1 ratio) and even add essential oils if you like a little scent.


Bonus benefits to cleaning off your surfaces at work are killing germs that can spread flu and colds. Don’t forget to clean your phone, keyboard and other places you commonly touch with your hands. Want to get even more organized while you clean? Try these step-by-step tips.


2. Don’t Get Lonely or Sad


You might be by yourself (or working with a skeleton crew) during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone!


Winter with its cold, dark and gloom (even though the days are getting longer incrementally) can be really rough for those who suffer from seasonal depression commonly known as SAD. There are many ways to combat depression in the winter. You can use light boxes at your desk to simulate daylight when you’re not seeing much of it yourself.


Don’t forget the power of exercise or even just a walk around the block to help combat depression and change your outlook on life (and maybe run into a person or two).

3. Combat the Click-Click-Click

Hey, we get it. You’re not that busy this week with work, but that shouldn’t mean you don’t do anything productive.


You can use tools to limit online use like 20 Cubed, which gives you a nudge to take a break every 20 minutes you’re looking at your screen (great for preserving your precious eyesight, too) or simply set a timer to give you a regular reminder to get up and move around.


Studies have shown that too much time online can be bad, so try to keep it to a dull roar, OK?


4. Develop Some New Habits


We’re heading into the new year, but that doesn’t mean your resolutions have to wait until January 1st. Try out some habits to see how they suit you before you start “officially” keeping track.


You can try a workplace yoga or exercise routine while nobody’s around to watch, or sample some recipes for a healthier lunch when you don’t have to rush cooking at the office microwave.


5. Have a Little Fun With New Friends


Sometimes when we’re stuck on a new shift or with a different group of workmates, new friendships can bloom.


Ask someone else rambling around your office to go get lunch and talk about what you do and how you might help each other at work. Do a little networking with folks you’ve seen in the past, but have never really spoken to. Linger around the coffee machine and have more in-depth chats with someone you’ve never spent much time with before. You might surprise yourself with some new friends.


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