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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: 8 Ways to Make More Money

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Given the choice, most of us would like to make more money, but sometimes it’s less a case of “like to” and more a situation of “have to.” If your expenses are beginning to exceed your income, either because you’re underpaid or because life threw a hurdle in your way, you’ll be interested in this week’s lead story, which offers tips for increasing your earnings. Also in this week’s roundup: finding and fixing your “Google resume,” and how to find almost any email address – for free.

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Alison Doyle at’s Job Searching: 8 Ways to Make More Money

Do You Know What You're Worth?

“Almost everyone would like to make more money, and there are a variety of different ways to up your earnings,” writes Doyle. “Whether it’s looking for a new job that pays more or taking on some freelance work or a side job, you can earn more.”

Start by determining how much your skills are worth, she says, and then evaluate which methods of making more money work for you. For example, if you determine that you’re underpaid, negotiating a raise might be the answer – or it might be time to look for a job that’s more in line with the market. Doyle’s other suggestions include finding freelance work or side jobs, or turning your hobby into a whole new career.

Susan P. Joyce at Find Your Google Resume

“Yes, you DO have a ‘Google Resume,’ whether you know it or not,” Joyce writes. “And whether or not you are paying attention. I’m not talking about your Google Plus profile or a resume you submit to Google for a job there. Your Google resume is what recruiters, and others, find when they search Google for your name.”

Simple problems like sharing a name with someone with a bad online reputation or having a lack of information about you online can tank your job search. In this post, Joyce offers tips for fixing most problems that make your Google resume an impediment to getting hired.

Donna Svei at Avid Careerist: 3 Easy Ways to Find an Email Address

By now, you probably know that it’s better to send job-search-related emails to a specific address than a general inbox, which could turn out to be a black hole. But, how do you find specific email addresses, once you have a sense of the person or position you’re trying to contact?

Svei offers three free methods, including:

The Company’s Website Newsroom

I visit the “Newsroom” page of the company’s website. They often list the email addresses of their internal public relations people in a “Contacts” section or at the end of their press releases. You can use that information to peel their email address syntax. This approach works about half the time.

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