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5 Apps That Make the Gig Economy Work

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The way we work is changing. According to one study, “contingent workers” will make up as much as 40 percent of the American workforce by 2020. Whether or not this is a good thing for workers is up for debate. If you’re currently participating in the gig economy, your immediate concern is lining up your next gig.

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That’s where mobile apps can help. Whether you’re a full-time contractor or a just someone looking to make some extra cash, there’s an app out there that will help you gigs and manage your life. Don’t underestimate the importance of that last factor: any job search takes time away from your regular job and/or life. Turning some of that over to technology means that you can find jobs from the train/bus/(I’m going to say it) bathroom, instantly.

Snagajob for Short-Term or Side Gigs

Sometimes you just need a little help filling in the gaps of your gig life. Snagajob is a search engine that connects hourly workers with employers who have open jobs. Users can set up alerts and receive notifications about open jobs, or search  for gigs and apply through the app. Job titles range from sales associate to software engineer, but as you might expect for a site focused on hourly employees, Snagajob listings often veer heavily toward the service industry.

Switch for Tech Gigs

Poaching is common in the tech industry, but if your boss finds out you’re looking for another gig, your current job could be in danger. With Switch, you can search for a new job anonymously, and swipe through potential new jobs like Tinder, so you can keep that search on the DL.

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Moonlighting for … Moonlighting

A startup, Moonlighting offers not only the ability to list your services or hire talent, but also invoicing and payment — all through the mobile app. Not limited to those who work digitally, like designers and writers, Moonlighting also lists services by people who live nearby, like handymen, drivers, couriers, and health and fitness professionals.

CityHour for Networking Meetings

Want to get networking without those crummy after-hours events? CityHour automatically connects your LinkedIn contacts with potential employers who are up for in-person interviews. This is great for freelancers who often have hours to fill in the middle of the day. You can fit interviews into your free time and get connected and networked so you can land that next great gig. Openings are within two hours of when you sign in, so if you’ve got some time to kill, CityHour might just be a way to fill up free time with some potentially lucrative connections.

AirBnB to Rent Out Your Home

There are plenty of apps out there these days for people who want to rent out their homes to short-term guests … or find a place to stay that’s a little cheerier than the average hotel. AirBnB is arguably the most popular. If you want to make money from your empty house or apartment while you’re out of town, this site is a great way to do it. (Need an AirBnB alternative? This list will get you started.)

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The gig economy is going to take root for more americans in 2017. Apps like these will legitimize freelance employment and create new ways for people to earn a living.

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