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How Working with a Coach Could Ignite Your Career

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Whether you’re just starting out in your profession or sitting in the C-suite, working with a coach can transform your career.

Why hire a career coach? The reason is simple. Navigating your career is hard. There are times when challenging circumstances can make it feel next to impossible.

Whether you’re trying to work your way up the ladder or attempting to pivot into something new, the experience is often isolating. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. You can choose to hire a career coach.

What to Look for in a Career Coach

If you’re looking for a coach, there are several routes you can take to find someone who is the right fit for you. A great way to start is to ask for help. Ask people in your network for referrals. If you’d prefer to keep your search confidential, you can start by searching LinkedIn for coaches — this will quickly show if anyone in your network is connected to a coach. You could then ask your LinkedIn connection for their insights or to make an introduction.

Another strategy is to use social media to research coaches who specialize in the area you need help with. Attending professional and personal development events are a great way to network and connect with others on career coaching resources. I introduced myself to my coach after she spoke at a Ladies Get Paid event I attended. I loved her energy and I immediately knew she was someone I wanted to work with.

Most coaches will offer an introductory session at no cost, where you can learn more about each other. That’s a great way to learn more about their services and you can also use that session to identify if you feel drawn towards working together on your goals.

Working with a coach can ignite your career goals, providing an expert in your corner who is invested in your success. I share this with conviction from direct experience. Working with my coach has, and continues to be, the best career move I’ve ever made. And yes, even career coaches need their own coaches!

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Engaging a coach immediately raises your bar. When two people come together with the same singular goal — to move you forward — the results are truly extraordinary.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience from working with a coach.

1. Trust and confidentiality

A coach is there to listen. A coach is open-minded. A coach will be objective. Conversations with your coach are always confidential. Coaching is a safe place where you can share your true self. You can discuss your hopes, fears and goals without the filter of opinions, or the fear of judgment, from your family, friends or coworkers.

2. Absolute focus

When you work with a coach, you set the agenda for the work you do together. The time, scope and purpose of your sessions are entirely yours to define. This can be game-changing. In our increasingly frenetically, busy lives, there are often fewer and fewer opportunities to truly focus on what matters most. Working with a coach will provide absolute focus on you and your next steps.

3. Spring out of your comfort zone

One of the valuable components of coaching is making new discoveries. A coach can help spark new perspectives, opportunities and insights that can transform your future, in both the immediate and the long term. With a coach in your corner, you will have someone to support you as you move out of your comfort zone.

4. Crush your goals

A coach is focused on helping you achieve tangible results, tailored to who you are, what you want and how you want to get there. They will work closely with you on goal setting, execution and the accountability strategies you need to stay on track. Regardless of whether you’re an over-achiever or an over-promiser, your coach will be adept at finding a strategy that works for you.

When I began working with my coach, Aurora Meneghello of Repurpose Your Purpose, I was struggling. I desperately wanted to initiate some major changes, but I felt totally overwhelmed. Aurora listened, supported and worked with me to determine what to let go of and where to laser focus.

Our conversations are powerful, because each coaching session moves me closer to where I want to be. We cover the issues and opportunities that matter to me the most. After each conversation I feel focused and energized, as well as completely calm, which is an insanely amazing combination. Plus, the accomplishments I’ve made with Aurora’s guidance are truly exhilarating.

Choosing to work with a coach is a personal and powerful opportunity to make a direct investment in you. Inspiration, motivation, commitment and direction are priceless. Working with a coach is an investment that will accelerate your career.

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Octavia Goredema is a career coach and the founder of Twenty Ten Talent. Find her on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @OctaviaGoredema.

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