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How to Get the Hiring Manager to See You in the Job


If you want to get hired, visualization might be your best tool. Only, in this case, you’re not the one doing the visualizing. The hiring manager is the person you want to encourage to have visions — of you doing the job for which you’re interviewing.

Working off of a thread on Reddit, Emily Co at PopSugar suggests asking questions like:

“What is one thing I could accomplish in my first six months here that would have the most impact?”

“If I were chosen for this position, what would a regular day at work look like for me?”

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One question you should never ask: “When do I start?” In addition to, uh, lacking subtlety, that sort of aggressive, no-holds-barred approach might turn off the interviewer.

In any case, your body language and general demeanor might be even more important than the actual questions you ask. Redditor timmyburns says:

“What all this boils down to is you having a real interest in what you’re asking about. A company wants you to work there because you like the company, culture, and the work being done in their industry.”

In other words, the best way not to look like you’re full of it … is not to be.

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