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Futaba relies on PayScale to streamline the increase cycle and empower managers.

Futaba relies on PayScale to streamline the increase cycle and empower managers.

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Why PayScale?

For Julie Mathis and Futaba’s total U.S. HR Department of two, managing the annual increase cycle was a “spreadsheet nightmare.” Mathis would request market analyses from chambers of commerce across the country, and when data wasn’t available, substitute the closest market data from government surveys. “The process was so archaic. Managers had spreadsheets, and they would plug in their budgets. That was it. No guidelines, no market data, nothing. And pay ranges hadn’t been updated in 10 years.”

The entire process required three months of Mathis’ time every year, a daunting challenge for an HR manager responsible for 112 employees across four states.

Pain Points
Cumbersome Compensation Process
Trust Between Employees and Managers
Employee Retention

Compensation ties into all pieces of your organization. If you don’t pay right, if you don’t get the right people on board, you’re going to have a hard time with performance and turnover.

- Julie Mathis, HR Manager

The Results
Saved three months and spent 50% less time on compensation analysis.

“Basically, everything that PayScale does at the snap of a finger, I was doing by hand. By switching to Insight and Crew, I saved three months’ worth of work. I can now do performance reviews and increases in two weeks as opposed to a month. Before Crew, that would take me three months. PayScale gave me back a quarter of my year,” said Mathis.

Increased trust between managers and employees.

With PayScale Insight’s Employee Compensation Report, managers can now share an employee’s full compensation, including the dollar amount of Futaba’s benefits. “The biggest benefit to PayScale has been the trust that managers have been able to build with their employees,” said Mathis. “I saw the change. Employees now understand why a pay decision was made, and they’re more accepting of those decisions.”

Reduced turnover by increasing transparency.

“With PayScale, we’ve better communicated that we value employees and that we’re willing to compensate them accordingly,” said Mathis. “As we’re able to be so transparent on an individual level, people better understand their value to the organization and that means something…that really does carry weight with employees.”

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