Ensuring fair pay and basing compensation decisions on data, not employee negotiating skills.

Ensuring fair pay and basing compensation decisions on data, not employee negotiating skills.

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Why PayScale?

Recent growth, as well as the increasing tech talent shortage, necessitated a change in how the company managed compensation. “ ITX® has doubled its size in the last four years, which meant there was a lot of recruiting, onboarding and coaching for new team members,” said Hernan Chiosso, VP of Global Talent, ITX®. “For our small, five-person team of HR generalists, this was challenging. I still don’t have one person whose job is solely focused on compensation.”

After reviewing several cloud-based comp tools, ITX® implemented PayScale’s Insight Essential. “We saw that PayScale would enable us to price jobs using reliable, dynamic, location-based data,” said Chiosso. “The way information is presented in PayScale is easier to interpret for both my team and ITX® employees. Yet the reporting is also granular enough that we can be very specific about the quantifiable aspects of the position—e.g., the location, the skillsets, and certifications—allowing us to assess employee performance as they gain experience and as the position evolves.”

Pain Points
Manual Compensation Process
Inconsistent Salary Data
High Growth and Limited Resources

We saw that PayScale would enable us to price jobs, not people, using reliable, dynamic, location-based data.

- Hernan Chiosso, VP of Global Talent, ITX®

The Results
Made Difficult Compensation Conversations Easier

With PayScale, the team prices jobs based on data, not guesswork, subjective assessments or employee expectations. “Compensation shouldn’t be the primary reason people choose to work with us, but it shouldn’t be the reason people leave us, either. With PayScale, we can show candidates and employees, ‘This is solid data about what the market pays for this position, this is the job that yours is benchmarked against, and this is the salary range for the position’,” said Chiosso. “PayScale makes challenging compensation conversations that much easier.”

Preserved Internal Harmony

ITX® has made the commitment to fair pay the touchstone of its compensation philosophy, which it calls harmony. “Harmony is a way of thriving together. In addition to evaluating individual contributions, we analyze compensation across the range of the position, and across teams and locations, to ensure a more balanced assessment and more confidence in the fairness of the process. Harmony enables us to compensate based on the value employees bring to their work, not their ability to negotiate compensation. And Payscale has made that process much easier.”

Ensured Gender Pay Equality and Mitigated Other Pay Discrepancies

PayScale enables ITX® to compensate the value that employees bring to their work, not their ability to negotiate. “We pride ourselves on our diverse talent, and with PayScale, we can be confident we are continually ensuring fair pay.”

Easily Integrated Employees from Acquired Companies

Chiosso and his team relied on PayScale to more effectively integrate the workforce from an acquired company. “The information PayScale provided allowed us to adjust our new colleagues’ compensation in line with the value they were contributing, and also demonstrated ITX®’s commitment to them. We acquired a company in June, expedited the adjustment, and are pleased to report that our newer team members all remain within the ITX® family. That’s a big success.”

Improved Ability to Compete for Talent in a Global Marketplace

PayScale’s location-based dynamic pricing makes it easier for ITX® to compete for top candidates from all over the world. “Convenient access to PayScale information facilitates our mission of exploring new and different markets,” said Chiosso. “If I have an applicant from Atlanta, GA, I can gather salary range information for a designer based in Atlanta with at least five years of experience.”

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