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Moving from Insight to Insight Lab to Create a Stronger Compensation Strategy

PayScale Helps Texas Woman’s University Streamline Survey Participation and Increase Access to Compensation Data and Analytics

PayScale Helps Texas Woman’s University Streamline Survey Participation and Increase Access to Compensation Data and Analytics

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Why PayScale?

In 2012, Texas Woman’s University turned to PayScale to streamline an existing six-month compensation process. With PayScale’s Insight, HR teams no longer had to manually aggregate market data or individually review more than 430 staff positions. With Payscale’s help, TWU saved tremendous time on job matching. Just as critically, Insight’s expansive and detailed crowdsourced data meant that the university could address employee questions about pay with compensation facts, instead of guesswork.

Pain Points
Growing Skills Gap and Talent Shortage
A Need to Be More Strategic About Compensation
Access to More Compensation Data Sources and Streamlined Survey Management

“I would definitely recommend switching to Insight Lab. Not only is it user friendly, but it gives us a lot of data points and information to make decisions on salary. Plus, it’s both accessible and fast!”

- Estela Long, Manager of Compensation, Texas Woman’s University

The Results

With Insight Lab, Long has immediate insight into key compensation data and analysis. “Insight Lab is a better product experience for us because we can see all of our information in one unified place. It’s so convenient,” said Long. “Because it’s so visual, I always know the status of my matches and what needs to be done. I can also quickly generate reports for leadership.”


While the university had already eliminated significant manual work with Insight, transitioning to Insight Lab enabled additional automation of routine tasks. “It’s so much easier to manage our CUPA data with Insight Lab because nothing is manual,” said Long. “And having the CUPA survey within Insight Lab is incredibly convenient.”


Insight Lab seamlessly blends multiple data sources, making it easier for the university to make compensation decisions on the most up-to-date and wide-ranging information. “I feel good about our data, because with Insight Lab, our data is always being updated,” said Long. “We use it daily, for every request we get for new positions.”


Prior to PayScale, the university had to manually exchange data with seven other universities, a time- consuming process that meant compensation data was always outdated. “Insight Lab saves me so much time,” said Long. “Everything I need is right here. I can find my market and data in minutes.”

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