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The 5 Best Jobs In America

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Web Developer
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Everyone is different, but there are some consistent factors that help most folks feel satisfied with their jobs. Good pay and job security go quite a long way, for example. Taking factors like these into account, it’s possible to determine some jobs – the “best jobs” – that are practically ideal.

A new report identifies The Best Jobs in the United States: 2018. The job search site Indeed utilized data that focused on two key factors for their report. They looked at opportunity – narrowing in on jobs that have seen the most growth on their site since 2014. They also focused on salary. Only jobs with a minimum baseline salary of $75,000 were considered for this report. Here are the job titles that ranked at the top of the list:

1. Commercial project manager

Commercial project manager was dubbed the single best job in the United States for 2018. Indeed clocked an impressive 277 percent job growth in the number of postings listed on their site from 2014 to 2017. According to PayScale’s data, these professionals earn a median salary of $83,337 annually. Commercial project managers work to oversee the proper execution of large commercial projects, and they unite different team members who are invested in the process. They work to coordinate and execute every step of major commercial projects, ensuring that milestones and objectives are properly met along the way.

2. Full stack developer

A full stack developer doesn’t earn quite as much as the number-one-rated job from this list. However, the median annual pay of $65,370 that they earn isn’t too shabby either. According to PayScale’s data, 87 percent of these professionals are male. Most (61 percent) have been in the job for just 1 to 4 years. Full stack web developers are responsible for overseeing multiple complex aspects of the website deployment and modification process. Indeed notes a job-post growth rate of 198 percent from 2014 to 2017.

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3. Computer vision engineer

The job of computer vision engineer hasn’t been around forever like some timeless professions, but it’s one of the best jobs to have in 2018. There has been a 169 percent increase in the number of postings for this job in recent years, so these professionals enjoy a good amount of job security. They also earn a median salary of $96,958 according to PayScale’s data. These professionals are responsible for designing, establishing, and maintaining software that meets the complex and shifting needs of various companies and industries. Like the other jobs at the top of the list, computer vision engineers are mostly male (75 percent).

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4. Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineer job postings have increased by 166 percent since 2014 with 123 job posting per 1m total jobs. These professionals have the highest median salary on the list so far, earning $109,662 annually. Machine learning engineers usually have less than 10 years of experience total. The skills that increase individual’s pay the most are big data analytics and machine learning. 86 percent of these workers are male.

5. Preconstruction manager

A preconstruction manager earns a median annual salary of $90,884. Indeed noted a 126 percent growth in the number of these job postings on their site between 2014 and 2017. There were 48 of these jobs per 1m in 2017. Preconstruction managers are just one of several construction related jobs on this year’s list.

“Why so many construction jobs? In a recent post, Indeed Chief Economist Jed Kolko noted that this is part of a wider trend: the construction sector, along with mining, has seen the fastest job growth year over year as of this past December,” the report states. “Construction spending is soaring and three-quarters of employers in the sector reported plans to add staff in 2018. Office construction in particular—largely moribund since the recession—is experiencing a revival.”

*The salary data utilized for this post came from PayScale’s Salary Reports.

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