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The 10 Job Categories Where Flexible Jobs Are Growing Fastest

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If you dream of working in your jammies — or beating the commute with an alternative work schedule — you might want to look into landing a flexible job in the coming year.


The good news is that more employers seem to be getting on board. Telecommuting increased 115 percent between 2005 and 2015. Your chances of finding a work-from-home job (or a part-time, freelance, or contract role) are pretty good — if you know where to look.


To help with that last part, FlexJobs recently crunched the numbers and identified the 10 flexible job categories that are growing the fastest in their database of listings.


These are the 10 job categories that grew 20 percent or more since January 2017:


1. Editing


Good news for experienced word wranglers who prefer to work at home: many of the listings in FlexJobs’ database are 100 percent telecommuting roles. Job titles include editor and copy editor, as well as several hybrid writing/editing roles.


2. Writing


Writing jobs are many and varied, with titles that include technical writer, resume writer and just plain old writer. Lots of telecommuting in this category as well, plus plenty of part-time and freelance opportunities.


3. Data Entry


The robots may one day take over this job category — but not yet. Bookkeepers and data entry clerks can find all sorts of flexible jobs, from occasional work to full-time telecommuting roles.


4. Advertising and PR


Account executives and representatives who want a break from the 9-to-5 grind can take their talents to a more flexible employer.


5. Event Planning


Want to build your resume, but add some flexibility? FlexJobs’ listings include gigs at big-name employers like Facebook and the Rhode Island School of Design.


6. News and Journalism


News writers, producers and editors can find part-time, temporary, telecommuting and freelance jobs at employers like CBS News and SmartBrief.


7. Internet and Ecommerce


It makes sense that internet-based jobs would allow you to work from home. Social media coordinators, e-commerce managers and digital strategists can easily find a full- or part-time telecommuting job.


8. Account Management


Xerox, Amgen and other employers are hiring account executives and managers, often for full-time telecommuting roles.


9. Computer and IT


Many telecommuting jobs have restrictions on where workers can live, for a variety of reasons (training purposes, occasional in-office meetings, etc.). But this job category often offers gigs that let you live anywhere in the world and telecommute full-time. So, if you’re a systems engineer, business analyst or IT project manager, you can probably parlay your talents into a full-time telecommuting job.


10. Accounting and Finance


Accountants, bookkeepers and accounting clerks can find a variety of temporary and freelance jobs at employers like Accounting Principals and Wolters Kluwer.


For more information, see FlexJobs’ list, 10 Flexible Job Categories on the Rise.


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