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5 High-Paying Jobs That Are Growing Right Now

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Looking to make some serious cash in your next career? Hope you like STEM. CareerCast’s recent list of high-salary-potential jobs includes several occupations with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math.

Good news for tech types: not only do these jobs pay well today, but they’re projected to grow well over the next decade. Acquire in-demand skills and you could have both an impressive salary and job security.

1. Mathematician

Job outlook, 2016-26: 33%

Median salary: $67,698

Yep, your parents were right when they said that math would be important. Mathematicians have high and rising salaries. They often use advanced computer software to make complicated calculations. Great skills for mathematicians include proficiency in software programs like Python, C++ and R.

2. Information Security Analyst

Job outlook, 2016-26: 28%

Median salary: $70,121

Information security analysts provide security solutions to their employer. They maintain strict privacy guidelines (very important with today’s frequent corporate computer system hacks) and are key in identifying security threats and fixing any problems. According to PayScale data, this job involves skills like project management and security risk management. Of our survey respondents with this job, 84 percent are male.

3. Operations Research Analyst

Job outlook, 2016-26: 27%

Median salary: $53,657

This job is all about analyzing business practices to make sure they are as efficient as possible. Operations analysts also help develop and improve new and existing product lines. Analysts in this role are almost evenly split between men and women, with potential to increase earnings through bonuses, profit sharing and commissions. In all, jobs like this are all about finding problems, suggesting changes and improving the bottom line at a business.

4. Software Developer

Job outlook, 2016-26: 24%

Median salary: $69,339

As you might suspect, software developers create computer applications. They may also customize the systems that control networks. Popular employers for software developers include Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

5. Computer Systems Analyst

Job outlook, 2016-26: 9%

Median salary: $65,609

This job involves using computers to help streamline a business through making their processes more automated. They have a clear idea, through careful analysis, of how to achieve a high level of efficiency and accuracy. This job has potential for additional income through bonuses and profit sharing.

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