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Avoid These 5 Taboo Workplace Conversations

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There some topics that should not be discussed in the workplace.

It’s great to have friends at work. It makes work more enjoyable, and it’s even good for your career. But, no matter how close you are with your coworkers, there are some topics you ought to avoid.

Are any of these conversations happening in your office?

1. Your negative feelings about the job

Everyone needs to blow off some steam once in a while. It’s fine to talk with your coworkers about the little ups and downs of the job. But, you shouldn’t discuss overwhelmingly negative feelings about your workplace, or the job itself, with your team. Save that level of venting for people outside the office.

There’s no need to drag your colleagues down. You want to be a positive and uplifting force at work. Talking too much about your negative feelings about the job will most likely come back to haunt you.

2. Your political beliefs and affiliations

Talking about politics at work increases stress, especially when conversations happen between people with opposing views. So, try to avoid it altogether. Otherwise, you could risk upsetting your coworkers, or yourself. Don’t we all have enough stress in our lives? The workplace isn’t the right venue for these kinds of talks.

3. Your sex life

It’s a bad idea to discuss your sex life at work. Even if someone else starts the conversation, it’s best not to participate. These kinds of topics make people very uncomfortable and could lead to sexual harassment complaints. It’s best to avoid these discussions altogether.

4. Your coworkers

It’s perfectly normal to enjoy some coworkers more than others. Some people might even really get under your skin from time to time. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to talk badly about them.

You should never disparage those you work with or spread gossip about them. It’s unprofessional, and it’s divisive. Also, talking smack about your colleagues is likely to backfire. So, keep your comments positive and productive.

5. Your problems

Avoid talking about your personal problems at work. It’s important that your coworkers be allowed to focus, accomplish tasks and enjoy their time in the office. It is not appropriate to burden them.

However, you should feel comfortable asking coworkers for support with your work, if the challenges of your personal life have caused you to fall behind. Just don’t feel the need to get into the detail. Focus on what needs to be done, not why you need help doing it. Save the heavy conversations about your problems for after-hours.

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