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So You Hate Your Job. Now What?

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This is not just the Sunday Night Blues — you feel rotten every time you remember that tomorrow is a workday.

You count the minutes in meetings and watch the clock while you’re working at your desk. There’s no doubt about it: you absolutely hate your job.

So how can you fix it?

Take a Moment to Step Back

If you’ve found yourself in a bad place about your job, take a moment to write down your thoughts on what could be the cause of your strife.

Is it a boss or supervisor who doesn’t give you enough room to work? Are you bored with your current job duties? Are your paychecks too small for your workload? Having a clear idea of your problems gives you a better chance at effectively fixing them.

Find Someone to Talk to

“Confiding in a trusted friend or mentor, or hiring a coach, can be one of the best decisions you can make when facing a challenging career bump,” life and career coach Jane Scudder tells HuffPost.

Avoid sharing your feelings with coworkers, however; you don’t want to spread negative vibes throughout the office.

Think About Making Some Tiny Changes

Sometimes small changes can lead to big rewards. Think about ways to adjust your work life to make your real life happier.

Adding a flexible schedule might take the stress of an awful commute off your shoulders. Changing up a non-productive meeting can free up valuable productivity time. Eating a healthier lunch could make your afternoons less grim. Anything that keeps you from getting more miserable is a plus. What would make you a bit happier?

Mind Your Mental State

Emotions can have lasting effects on your mental and physical well-being.

When you’re unhappy at work, you can lose motivation to take care of yourself. Over time, that can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and a lowered immune system.

Practice methods to lower your stress like meditation, thoughtful reactions instead of knee-jerk ones, and even taking some deep breaths when things start to ramp up.

If You Can’t Fix Things, Plan Your Exit

The bad news is you hate your job, but the good news is that you still have a job, and money coming in. So you can start saving money now, and crafting your plan for escape.

“Having those reserves will give you financial comfort when leaving a job so that going forward you can pursue the notion of living your true values,” Megan Lathrop, Capital One money coach, tells CNBC.

Especially if you plan to take some time to figure out what you really want to do, perhaps by traveling or exploring some new skills or training, you’ll need savings to pay the rent.

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