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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: 10 Signs You Have the Wrong Job

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There’s no such thing as a perfect job, and everyone has bad days at work. Knowing that, how do you decide when to tough it out … and when to quit?

Today’s lead story looks at signs that your job is unworthy of your talent and skills. That, plus how to use Twitter to find a job and 21 super-short stories to help you regain your motivation, in our roundup.

Liz Ryan at Forbes: 10 Signs You’re Wasting Your Talent In The Wrong Job

A reader writes in with a dilemma that will seem familiar to many of us: although she loves her work, the larger circumstances of her employment situation are, shall we say, undesirable. (Example: her company writes people up for being three minutes late to work.)

Her question: “There is nothing good about my job except my own little piece of the operation. Is that enough to keep me here? That’s what I keep asking myself. What do you think?”

Liz Ryan’s response will give you a checklist to use, the next time you’re trying to evaluate your job and employer.

Hannah Morgan at Career Sherpa: How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

When you think about social media as a tool for job searching, you probably think of LinkedIn. But Morgan’s latest post reminds us that other social networks can help job seekers connect with prospective employers.

“Before you even create your Twitter log-in, define what your mission is for using Twitter,” she suggests. “Hint, to meet new people.  So who are the people you would want to meet?”

Another hint: it’s not just recruiters and hiring managers. Find out how to build your network on Twitter, with these tips.

Angel Chernoff at Marc and Angel Hack Life: 21 Tiny Stories for Those Who Have Lost Their Motivation

A student of Chernoff’s recently sent her an email with the following problem:

I feel so drained, so uninspired. I’m stuck again! My mind is spinning with worry and overwhelm and just a general lack of enthusiasm. Anything you could share? What’s something small I could reflect on and try to remember when I’ve lost my motivation?

As a response, Chernoff posted 21 inspirational stories that would help anyone renew their enthusiasm for life and work. These micro-doses of motivation include stories from people who won scholarships, lost weight, started successful businesses and beat long odds to overcome hardships of all kinds.

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