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Let Wendy’s Awesome Twitter Feed Teach You to Be a Social Media Star

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You don’t have to be a major brand’s Twitter guru in order to be better at running your own social media accounts, especially when you’re looking for work.

There are a few things that the biggest brands and the most viral of tweeters get right with every post, and they’re not even that complicated.

Here’s how to get your social media presence in order and gain followers, share better content and improve your personal brand — one post at a time.

1. Be Authentic

What draws us to great accounts? It’s usually a unique, creative voice.

Look at Wendy’s social team, or Arby’s, among many others. They come back to trolls with the wit and unique voice that we all wish we could tap into when someone tries to cut us.

Think of whether what you’re posting and sharing on social media is true to your authentic self. Valerie Buckingham, head of North America Marketing at Nokia, writes at Mashable:

If you want your brand’s social media efforts to come across as authentic, you need to know what you stand for and what’s meaningful to you. In other words, authentic social communication requires you to be honest about what your brand represents, what you have to offer, where your weaknesses are, and what’s really important to your audience.

Remember you’re trying to build your own brand, so offering a specific and unique POV is key.

2. Keep It Clean

You shouldn’t have to be reminded that the internet is public. Even if you think you’ve got your privacy on lockdown, those less-than-PG posts can come back to haunt you.

If you’re looking to drum up work or land a new full-time job, know that one quick search is all a potential employer needs to find your accounts and scroll through what you’ve posted. Don’t end up sacked before you even get started — avoid making controversial/offensive/inflammatory posts.

The Society for Human Resource Management notes that millennials get that a professional social media presence is very important. Author Jamie Notter says, “engaging in social media is a basic leadership competency. I don’t care what field you’re in. If you don’t know how to build a network, you’re missing out. I would push the waitresses and truck drivers who are not social-media-savvy to use it, too—even if they use it less.”

3. Have a Sense of Humor

Oh, don’t be a stick in the mud! Your social accounts don’t have be serious all of the time, even if you are working on keeping your personal brand on point.

Humor is not only appealing in social media, but it’s one of the most memorable things you can do with your account.

“If something makes you laugh, you’re more likely to share it and remember it when it comes time to make a purchase decision,” writes Amy Elderkin at Hootsuite.

While you’re not selling a product like a big brand, you’re are selling yourself. Persuade hiring managers to make that “purchase” — i.e., hire you for a job — but using social media to showcase your best qualities.

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