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At This Seattle Company, Your Pup Gets Benefits, Too

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Although RealSelf is a company that specializes in helping people research doctors and cosmetic procedures, don’t be surprised when you’re greeted at their Seattle office by 15 to 20 dogs.

You see, RealSelf (like many other Seattle-based companies) is a pet-friendly office. But this year, the company has taken its love for canines to an entirely new level by offering pet insurance benefits to all its employees. The insurance option comes from a company lovingly dubbed “HealthyPaws.”

PayScale reached out to RealSelf’s HR Coordinator, Brittany Vigoreaux, who was able to provide some context around the idea of adding pet insurance benefits to the roster at RealSelf.

“I constantly hear about the importance of insuring your pups (and cats) and since pets are such a huge part of our company culture, I knew it would be a great benefit for our employees,” she says. “As an owner of an older dog, I never want the cost of her care to limit the quality of her care.”

Although the pet insurance option is limited to only cats and dogs, Vigoreaux says she’s already had around 20 or so employees reach out to her with interest in signing up for the newly added perk. Another perk for employees is that having dogs around the office is a great way to relax when days get stressful.

“I really do believe that having dogs in the office improves office morale and reduces stress,” she says. “I know for myself personally, while I don’t bring in my own dog (as that would increase stress for me), having dogs around in our open office environment provides a welcome distraction and way to relieve stress throughout the day.”

Vigoreaux also mentioned that this type of unique offering can help the company stand out when candidates are interviewing for new roles at the company.

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