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3 Tools and 5 Exercises That Combat Sitting All Day


Of course, sitting is bad for your health. We are all well aware of this fact. Also, it feels crummy. Sitting all day at the desk in your office, (9.3 hours a day on average, to be exact), takes a toll. You try to sneak in a quick walk when you can, but that just isn’t possible on a regular basis. Luckily, you aren’t alone in your desire to move a little more and sit a little less at work. In fact, finding ways to combat the chronic immobility of the workplace is a popular topic now, and there are a lot of great tools and ideas out there to help you get moving.

exercise desk

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Let’s take a look at a few cool things you can buy for your office that might help.

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1. Exercise ball.

Engage and strengthen your core, just by sitting at your desk. Folks have been replacing their office chairs with exercise balls for a few years now, so you shouldn’t feel funny about doing it too. Chances are, you won’t be the first person in your office to give it a try.

2. Standing desk.

Standing desks are gaining popularity in schools as well as offices. A standing desk allows you to cut down on all that unhealthy sitting, and some people find it actually helps them focus as well. Others enjoy the way this set up allows for more desk dancing, but you can decide for yourself whether or not you’re up to taking it that far.

3. Exercise desk.

Some exercise desks are bike desks and others feature a treadmill. This is a great way to keep yourself moving while getting work done. It’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional set up, and a great way to multitask and perhaps reduce the amount of time you put in at the gym.

Additionally, there are some simple exercises you can try that require no equipment at all. You might feel a little funny doing these in the office at first, but that’s a small price to pay for getting to move around a little bit, brighten your mood, and improve your health.

Try one of these exercises today.

1. Running or marching in place.

Run or march in place for 60 seconds when you have a free minute or maybe in between meetings while you’re waiting for things to get started. Any kind of aerobics will do. You could also try shadow boxing or air guitar perhaps, as long as you move for 60 seconds. Do this as often as you can, and it could make a real difference.

2. “I’m just going to stand for a while.”

As long as it’s not too distracting to your colleagues, this is something you can try during meetings. Just let everyone know, simply, that you’re going to take a little break from sitting and stand for a while.

3. Try some strength building exercises, or even just some stretching.

Desk push-ups, one-legged squats, and stretches are facilitated by your desk and chair. Squeeze in these little mini-workouts several times a day for maximum benefit.

4. Invisible exercises.

If it’s inappropriate timing for more conspicuous exercise, try something that others can’t see, such as butt clenches or ab squeezes.

5. Go the long way, and take the stairs.

Park in the farthest corner of the lot, take the stairs rather than the elevator, and choose the long route to the bathroom. These little choices add up, and make a big difference overall in the amount of exercise you’re getting each day.

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I got one of these handsfree headsets that have a long reach, at least 30 meters. I can now pace in the office and still totally attend meetings. We are encouraged to use alternatives to chairs, standing desks are not so common yet but… we have an exercise room in the building to play ping pong and simple treadmills nothing fancy with elliptical and weights, just fun taking a lunch walk without having to go outside in -22


Some great suggestions here in this blog! I’d like to add where you can find an affordable standing desk for $150 + FREE Shipping.

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