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10 Ways to Keep Your Day Organized [infographic]


Staying organized every day is a challenge most small businesses have to overcome to find success. It is especially important to be organized when you are first starting out, because it is easy to get caught up in the long work hours and it can become hard to keep track of the many little tasks that need to be completed. Irfan Ahmed of Digital Information World has put together the below infographic to help small business owners stay organized.

Start each morning by taking five minutes to go over what you need to accomplish that day. Review a to-do list and prioritize your tasks. Also use this time to create a new to-do list for the day, whether it’s on a notepad or a smartphone app. Throughout the day, plan a few check-ins to review your progress and make adjustments to your lists.

Keep in mind that your day is going to be full of interruptions, like impromptu meetings and phone calls. Make sure to give yourself time between these meetings to prepare and collect your thoughts. At the end of each day, take another five minutes to go over what you accomplished and what needs to get done the next day.

See more organizational tips in the infographic below.

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