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4 Jobs for Sociology Majors, Other Than Social Worker


First things first: most sociology majors won’t earn as much money as STEM majors, post-graduation. But when you’re choosing a major, it’s important to follow your interests as well as considering money. The study of human behavior, how people interact within different structures, and how people relate to each other, is utterly fascinating to many people. If this rings true for you, than majoring in sociology could be a path to consider.

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Concentrating your educational efforts toward sociology opens up many opportunities. It’s a broad subject that relates to and encompasses so many other fields. Even if you end up doing something completely different and not directly related to the subject, your degree will surely come in handy. An understanding of human behavior is a boon for any professional.

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Here are just a few of the jobs available for sociology majors, other than social worker.

1. Case Manager – $36,635 average annual salary.

Through analysis and investigation, you’ll offer findings and recommendations that will improve the quality of individuals’ care and patient services generally. There is a great deal of autonomy in this job; you’ll work mostly independently to analyze patient records, document conditions and treatments, and make suggestions for improvements. Excellent writing skills, organizational and communication talents, and an ability to multitask, will help you thrive.

2. Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization – $38,302 average annual salary.

Program coordinators in a NPO often head up a specific social service, charity, or foundation’s project. They generally run a branch of the organization, and work hard to coordinate staff and volunteers while still working with the population that the non-profit serves. They collaborate across departments and work with the board of directors to line up organizational practices with the mission of the non-profit. Program coordinators are hard-working visionaries, and the often put in long hours. But, the work is very rewarding.

3. School Counselor – $44,966 average annual salary.

Often, additional education and/or certifications are required for these positions, but a degree in sociology could send you down this track. School counselors guide and assist students in a variety of ways. Helping individuals through difficult times and assisting students in making college/career decisions, generally makes up the bulk of the work. These individuals generally work with a large number of students, so being organized and flexible is key. School counselors often find their work to be very gratifying, diverse, and rarely boring.

4. Communications Specialist – $46,519 average annual salary.

Communications specialists head up an organization’s internal and external communications, being sure that all materials, (from memos, to press releases, to marketing materials,) reflect the company’s mission and message. These folks must be excellent communicators and have superb organizational and writing skills. The job is varied and exciting, challenging one’s creativity and problem-solving abilities daily.

Sociology majors can also find themselves working in fields like politics, education, and criminal justice. The knowledge and skills developed during their education can open up a world of exciting possibilities.

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Become extremely comfortable with numbers. Opportunities will open up that much more, especially in research.

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