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3 Unexpected Work-From-Home Jobs

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When you think about work-from-home jobs, what usually comes to mind are job titles like Web Developer or Freelance Writer. Not to mention the unavoidable image of people working in their pajamas while enjoying a side of Netflix all day.

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And while Web Developers are generally paid well and Freelancer Writers tend to have a high job satisfaction, theirs aren’t the only jobs out there that let you work from home. This thread on Reddit reminds us about some unexpected work-from-home jobs.

Voice-Over Work

Redditor ErikHoppy does voice-over work for a textbook audio summary company. He explains that once the company completes one of their giant medical or text books, he gets sent a 10-page text summary that he reads out loud and records as an audiobook.

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One summary a day takes about an hour to read and markup the copy, and another hour to record and edit. So, about 2-3 hours of work a day, $250 flat rate per completed summary. …That works to over $1,000 in an average week, for 10 hours of work.”

He also notes that if you can get steady voice-over work, it can be very lucrative.

Board Game Designer

User JonnyRotten is a board game designer and proudly proclaims it as “the best job ever.” It’s safe to assume this job titles brings a good amount of job satisfaction. JohnnyRotten revels that he is the author of games like Dead of Winter: a Crossroads Game, Vault of Wars, Pocket Dungeon, and more.

When asked about how he got into the board game business, he explains, “I was in a s***** factory job, and needed some kind of creative outlet, so I started to dabble.  Eventually I decided I wanted to make the zombie game that wasn’t being made, because I was unhappy with all the other zombie games.”

In terms of earnings, he makes royalties on his game sales, “between 5-12%” of the net sales.

Private Investigator

User siriusblacksbabymama shares that her mom is a private investigator. But not the spy on the cheating wife or husband type of work. And not the type of work that could put you in danger.

“[She] mostly works with finding heirs to properties and some pre-employment background checks. She works about 9 hours a day, 5 days a week and is currently making around 150 thousand for the year.”

She says if you’re comfortable making cold calls to random people, and asking them questions all day, it’s truly a fantastic job.

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