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How to Use LinkedIn’s New Apps to Find a Job


LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks on the web, and has emerged as one of the most important tools for job seekers. However, in our increasingly mobile world, it’s important to always stay connected — even when you’re looking for your next career move. To help job seekers find, make, and keep the connections they need, LinkedIn has introduced a suite of new mobile apps, each designed with a different purpose, depending on where you are in your career.

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The new apps include:

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  • LinkedIn for the iPhone,
  • LinkedIn for the iPad,
  • LinkedIn Connected,
  • LinkedIn Job Search,
  • LinkedIn Pulse,
  • LinkedIn Recruiter, and
  • SlideShare.

Some of these apps — such as LinkedIn Recruiter — aren’t very helpful for job seekers. Below are a few of the apps you should definitely download, however, to help you find a job.

LinkedIn Connected

LinkedIn calls this app the “fast, easy, and smarter way to strengthen your professional relationships.” With this app, you’ll receive automatic updates about people you know, so you can reach out when it’s appropriate — such as when someone switches jobs or gets a promotion. You’ll be able to focus on the people who matter most at any given time. This will help you strengthen professional relationships, which means that you’ll have better connections to people who can make introductions — or maybe even make a decision to hire you. With this app, it only takes a few minutes a day to build relationships that can make an impact on the next few years, if not decades of your career.

Download LinkedIn Connected for the iPhone here

LinkedIn Job Search

With LinkedIn, it can be tricky to look for a job without your connections — who often include your current colleagues and boss — finding out. Now, with this app, your next job can find you. LinkedIn Job Search uses your phone’s GPS to notify you about available jobs using a location-based search. You’ll receive automatic recommendations and notifications based on your searches (which include title of job, location, or keywords), and from there you can apply to jobs using your LinkedIn profile, with just a few taps. No one will ever have to know you’re looking for a job — and you even better, the jobs will come looking for you, wherever you are.

Download LinkedIn Job Search for the iPhone here.

LinkedIn Pulse

Did you know your potential new company’s biggest competitor was just acquired? Part of the job search process is staying on top of the news and trends in your industry. LinkedIn Pulse is a news app tailored just for you and your interests, allowing you to customize what you read about. Additionally, you can easily share this news with other social networks (including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr), which enables you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry — something every potential employer is looking for these days, it seems.

Pulse will pull in stories from thousands of sources, including major publications as well as LinkedIn influencers. From there, you can customize your feeds, including the ability to import your own Reader RSS feed for the ultimate one-stop-shop news app. And for those who find themselves ever offline and without a signal, Pulse will download content while you’re online so you can read it offline. It’s a great app for everyone, but for those looking for a job, it’s especially important, so you can show you know what matters most to those who will be hiring you.

Download LinkedIn Pulse for the iPhone here.

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