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Harness the Power of Color in Your Workspace


The colors we choose in our workspaces affect our productivity, creativity, energy, even our appetites and moods. Use this knowledge of color to create the perfect workspace, cubicle, or office for you.

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Color is everywhere; from your company’s logo, the office walls, the decorations in your cubicle and even your clothing. Some well-known brands harness the power of color to evoke specific reactions in customers. Medical Daily discusses how McDonald’s sticks with reds and yellows to make people feel hunger and to eat quickly. AT&T and Blue Cross Blue Shield are two examples of companies that use blue because it encourages productivity. You can use the same area of psychology to create atmosphere in your own work area. Colors you choose may affect both your own work and how others behave in your work area.

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Blue is popular in some offices because it is known for boosting work productivity and increasing cognition. Blue is thought to curb appetite, as well. Not the best color scheme for a restaurant, but perhaps a good choice for people who need to sit and work at a computer for hours at a time. Blue may help decrease snacking if you are trying to control your weight.

Reds, yellows, and oranges are all thought to encourage action and energy. Be careful with red, however, because it is also associated with danger and has been known to decrease performance on cognitive tasks.


Yellow is considered the color of happiness, but some studies indicate yellow makes babies cry more. Yellow accents in your cubicle may help you feel upbeat, but don’t overdo the yellow or you may feel hungry all of the time. Both yellow and red increase hunger.

Peace and Tranquility

Green promotes a sense of tranquility and good health. Medical Daily mentions a study that found food items with green labels were bought more than the same food item with a red label.

If you need calm in your workspace, accenting your cubicle or work area with greens may help create the tranquility and peace of mind you need to do your job well.

White is considered peaceful and even suggests a sense of emptiness, like a blank slate. All-white may cause you to feel as if you are in a hospital, but white is a good background for decoration. White will wake you up more than green.

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