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Your Boss Should Let You Exercise at Work

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Americans work more than any other workers in the industrialized world. We work longer days, get less vacation time, and retire later. So, with all of this working, who has time for working out? The solution is clear: exercise at work.

We all know that getting exercise regularly is important. Now, some individuals, and even some companies, are finding ways to make working out a part of the regular workday.

1. Healthy employees are good for business.

Some businesses offer fitness opportunities to their employees. They’re wise to do so: healthy employees are more productive. Regular exercise is important for physical health reasons, of course, but it’s also good for memory, thinking skills, and even mood.

“If we concentrate on our co-workers, they’ll take care of our customers,” Art Friedson, VP of co-worker services for CDW Computer Centers, told WebMD. CDW employees enjoy the benefits of having a fitness center on campus.

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2. It’s good for company culture.

Not only does working out make individuals happy, but it’s good for group dynamics as well. It’s an easy way for employers to show that they value the time, health, and happiness of their workers.

“There’s a saying that couples who sweat together stay together. I think it’s just as true that companies that sweat together stay together,” Ryan Holmes, who works for a tech company that strongly encourages workday exercise, wrote for Business Insider. “Over the years, the culture of fitness in our office has grown with the enthusiasm of new employees and taken on a life of its own.”

3. Work might actually be the easiest place to work out.

If you think you’d feel funny about taking advantage of the opportunity to work out at work, consider: in many ways, it’s actually easier than doing it anywhere else. Exercising at work actually removes many of the obstacles that can keep us from getting to the gym. It’s convenient, safe, and inexpensive. For many, it could feel more comfortable than going to a public gym with strangers. You also don’t have to go outside when the weather is bad, or waste time commuting to the gym.

Boss Not Buying It? Do It on Your Own.

You don’t necessarily need your company to install a state-of-the-art gym with tennis courts and swimming pools to get some exercise during the workday. There are many different ways to squeeze in some fitness, even without the overt encouragement of your employer. You could take a short walk during your lunch break with coworkers, commit to always taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even form a sports team or join a recreational league with your company.

Working out regularly is a positive thing, whether your office encourages it or you’re finding ways to integrate fitness into your workday routine all on your own. Either way, basing this daily practice within the context of your workday elevates its status. It makes fitness a priority. Instead of fitting it in at the end of the day, or rushing through it at the beginning, exercise becomes a central part of your schedule. And, that’s likely to make you healthier, happier, and maybe even better at your job.

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When planning the renovations to our new office location, staff were invited to submit what they would like to see in the new building. Overwhelmingly, it was a gym. It is utilized daily throughout the work week as well as on weekends – and it doesn’t have state-of-the-art equipment, but it has good equipment. The gym sees people that would not normally try something else on their own. And it gives everyone a place to workout during cold winter months… Read more »

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