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The 5 Most Sleep-Deprived Jobs [infographic]


Even the least-demanding of jobs can encroach on our sleep from time to time. Whether it’s because we’re stuck at work long after we should be hitting the sack, or up tossing and turning, thinking of the next day’s to-do list, work is second only to small children on the list of slumber-interfering things. Some jobs, however, are apt to steal more Zzzs than others.

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The Huffington Post recently ran an infographic (sponsored by mattress company Sleepy’s) that lists that most well-rested careers. As HuffPost points out, even the most well-rested on the list only get about seven hours, or the bare minimum of rest for the average adult.

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The least well-rested on the list should give us some pause — they’re all either jobs that hold our lives in their hands and/or jobs that require a great deal of brain power. As anyone who’s ever tried to stumble through a workday on little sleep can attest, it’s hard to access higher thought or think quickly when you’re overtired.

1. Home Health Aides

2. Lawyers

3. Police Officers

4. Physicians

5. Paramedics

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