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Don’t Wait — Get Promoted Now


Waiting for the right moment may take forever. Instead of waiting, plan and create the perfect moment to show your employer why you should be promoted, then ask for a promotion.

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Ask for a Review

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Don’t be shy; if you don’t have annual employee reviews in your company, ask for one. Be prepared to discuss your accomplishments and your goals for the following year. Have ideas ready to share for how you may reach these goals, such as what supports you would need. Don’t forget to include how you meeting your work goals will benefit the company.

The other part of an employee review is discussing areas in which you need to improve. This sometimes feels like a blow to the ego, but listen to constructive criticism offered with an open mind. If you can admit your shortcomings and look for ways to improve, your employer may appreciate your honesty and insight.

Have a Mentor

If you have a mentor at the company who likes your work, ask her to put in a good word for you as you seek a promotion. The opinion of a respected employee who is well-placed in the company can stack the odds in your favor.

Tell Them Why They Should Promote You

Seems simple, but don’t forget to ask for a promotion. When you do, tell them what is in it for them. For example, “My goals include increasing productivity by 10 percent. If promoted to floor manager, I believe my ideas will help everyone increase production, which benefits the company.”

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