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Delete These 3 Things From Your Resume


When I was a shiny new member of the working world, career counselors told us that we had to have an objective on our resumes. They also told us that we had to wear suits to job interviews, and that only a handwritten thank-you card would do.

Now that I’ve sufficiently dated myself, let’s talk about Emily Co’s recent article on PopSugar about things you should never, ever have on your resume in the year 2013.

1. The Objective Statement

Thank goodness this one fell by the wayside. It was always, in my opinion, the most awkward part of the resume writing experience. No one was ever sure what to put in this spot anyway. The job title you’re shooting for? Some dream gig encompassing all your skills and ideals? Good riddance. Skipping this part gets you closer to the meat of your experience, which is the important part.

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2. Middle School and High School Information

It’s hard to believe that anyone leaves these on their CV post-college, but I guess if you’re really proud of your high school accomplishments, it might be hard to part with this section of your resume. The point here is that your resume isn’t supposed to be a total picture of all your worldly deeds, but a pitch to potential employers. Leaving this information in says that you’re less confident about your recent work.

3. Your GPA, Unless It’s Amazing

No hiring manager has ever looked at a resume, seen that there was no GPA listed, and thought, “Ah-ha! I bet this person didn’t make Dean’s List. Nice try, average-grade-haver!” Unless your GPA adds to your case, just skip it.

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William G.

I always thought the same thing.  Why have an ‘Objective’?  The objective is to get a good job!  As far as having your grade point average listed, I always thought of that as bragging too much!  It was like, “Look at me; I’m better than anyone else!”.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think it is disgusting to put that on there.  I think the only thing that matters is if you know what you are doing.  Getting the diploma should prove… Read more »

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