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Home Economics or Entrepreneurship: The Most Common Majors by Generation


Regardless of what generation we’re part of, we all heard the same thing in school when we were growing up: “The jobs of tomorrow don’t even exist yet!” What most of our teachers failed to mention is that the majors of tomorrow are probably being invented as well.

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Don’t believe us? Check out our Generations at Work data package, and the most common majors by generation.

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Gen Y:

Can you learn to think independently from a structured program of study? Gen Y says you can. Millennials are 9.45 more likely to have studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing that previous generations.

gen y majors

Gen X:

Generation X is the first age group born into a world where space travel was possible, so it’s not surprising that they are 4.1 times more likely to study professional aeronautics than other generations.

gen x majors 

Baby Boomers:

Most high schools don’t even teach home economics anymore — something Gen Xers and Millennials have cause to regret when they set their kitchens on fire or try to figure out how to balance a checkbook using the internet. It’s hard to believe that it was ever a popular major in college, but it was for workers born between 1946 and 1964, at least compared with later generations. Baby Boomers are a whopping 18.18 percent more likely to have majored in home ec.

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