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LEGO Denmark Office Sparks Creativity With Playground Setting


Many of us report to office buildings with a traditional layout, but design employees at the LEGO Denmark office spend their workdays amid a playground slide, vibrant oversized furniture and game areas. The whimsical decor is meant to spark creativity — after all, who wouldn't be inspired when the primary mode of post-meeting transportation is a playground slide?

The LEGO PMD office was designed by architects Rune Fjord and Rosan Bosch, who said that they wanted to create “a working environment where fun, play and creativity are paramount and where the physical design gives the adults a chance to be part of children’s play.”

Other noteworthy design features at the LEGO Denmark office “playground” include glass-walled meeting rooms, several lounge areas, and an expansive library decked out with staging areas for LEGO builds. This workspace’s youthful design truly redefines the idea of work as play.

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(Photo credit: Anders Sune Burg/PSFK)

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