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5 Holiday Jobs That Make Big Bucks


Forget being Santa’s elf or wrapping packages at your local department store. The best-paying seasonal jobs look a lot like what professionals do the rest of the year — and pay similar rates.

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“A lot of people don’t realize that seasonal hiring includes good-paying professional jobs,” says FlexJobs CEO Sara Sutton Fell in an interview with Forbes. “There’s much more out there beyond low-level sales work.”

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Here are a few of the gigs you wouldn’t expect to find listed among traditional holiday jobs.

1. Marketing Coordinator

The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts this gig at the top of the list of seasonal gigs, with experienced professionals making a median of $52 an hour. But even if you haven’t been in the field for very long, you can expect to make up to $20 an hour to help create marketing strategies around holiday events.

2. Photographer

Someone needs to take all those pictures of kids posing on Santa’s knee or ice skating at the local rink. Photographers earn wildly variable hourly rates ranging from $8 – $50 an hour.

3. Production Designer

Do layouts for holiday cards, advertising packages, even party invitations, and make $9 – $59 an hour, depending on experience.

4. Seasonal HR Recruiter

Someone has to hire all that seasonal help and deal with the snowdrifts of paperwork that accumulate as a result. Seasonal recruiters can earn from $10 – $40 an hour.

5. Social Media Coordinator

Help companies seem more like Santa than the Grinch by managing their social media accounts. Answer customer queries, communicate about sales, and protect the corporate brand during the time of year when less-experienced tweeters and posters are feeling a dearth of holiday cheer. Make up to $30 an hour.

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