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‘Big Brother’ Contestants Learned They Were Fired Last Night

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What’s worse than being fired for being a bigot? Being fired for being a bigot … on television. What’s worse than that? Not finding out about it for a couple of weeks.

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That’s the fate that has befallen several of the contestants on CBS’s “Big Brother,” which broadcasted its finale last night. As Jezebel points out, the winner, Andy Herren, is the first gay man to win the reality competition in the show’s 13 year history. But that milestone can’t erase the fact that this program featured some of the more racist and sexist contestants in reality TV.

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A few cast members who came out of isolation last night, only to learn that their careers might have taken a turn for the worse:

1. Aaryn Gries

Fired for making bigoted remarks, Gries learned that she had been fired from her modeling agency during the time she was sequestered in the jury house prior to the finale. She had been booed off the stage when she was evicted from the house, so it probably shouldn’t be a surprise to her.

2. GinaMarie Zimmerman

Zimmerman won second prize on the show, but lost her job as a pageant coordinator back in July.

3. Andy Herren

Wait, what? Yes, that’s right: the winner of the program, the first gay person to win the contest ever, was fired from his teaching job at the College of DuPage, either for condoning the racism of other castmates or for making violent remarks about a female castmate, depending on which source you go by. Either way, not good.

What can we take away from this that will help us in our careers? Well, first of all, don’t be a terrible person. But also, expect to reap what you sow. Karma is real when it comes to your job. If you treat people poorly, you might someday find yourself voted out.

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