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It’s Payday! Celebrate with a Paycheck Check-Up

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What could be more fun? It's Friday and payday – and the sun in shining in lots of places across the country. Are you ready to head out and goof around? That's great. Before you go, though, take a look at your paycheck and make sure that you like what you see.

When was the last time you checked up on your vacation accrued, 401K deductions and other important variables in your take-home pay? And, may we add, it would be a good idea to also think about your base salary or wages.

If you haven't yet, give the PayScale salary survey a whirl and see how your pay compares to the market. Our goal is to help you get the pay you deserve (and grow towards you future income goals) so you can afford more time and ways to goof around on weekends like this one.


Do You Know What You're Worth?

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