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For the Horde! 10 Rad Jobs of the Future [infographic]


It’s time to start considering what the future of the job market is going to look like because, according to Manolith’s infographic, there will be plenty of amazing “sci-fi” type of careers opening up very soon. So, if you’re in a dead-end job and are looking to make a career out of your secret techy passions, then check out this infographic and start geeking out!

artificial intelligence

(Photo Credit: br1dotcom/Flickr)

According to Manolith, some of the rad jobs of the future include the following:

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Alternative Reality Architect – Researching and designing “wearable technology” such as Google Glass.

Personality Programmer – Think of developing artificial intelligence personalities such as Siri, Apple’s answer to AI for their users. There will be great opportunity for the development and testing of such technology in the near future.

Weather Coordinator – Soon enough, we won’t need to check the weather because we will have the ability to influence (and even control) the weather. Just imagine the benefit of being able to regulate the weather to accommodate world-wide events.

What job from the infographic tickles your fancy?  


10 Rad Jobs of the Future

(Infographic Credit: Manolith)

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Jaco Bezuidenhout
Jaco Bezuidenhout

The New World Order is taking care of all this already.

New jobs? RIGHT, , , we will only be looking forward in becoming live stock.


Memory Manipulator? Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger about how that went for him at Recall.


Haven’t you seen the 1998 movie “The Avengers” with Sean Connery and his weather controlling machine? 🙂


I agree with Christine. Weather Coordinator and Memory Manipulator won’t happen. Take it from an atheist, there are too many god worshipers to let people or governments mess with the weather or someone’s mind. Even if they did, the rest of us clear thinking folks definitely wouldn’t let it happen. 

Christine Wilson

Weather Coordinator and Memory Manipulator? Really?? I mean we can hardly predict the weather.. now we’re controlling it?? How far away is this future? 50 years? Most people’s working lives don’t last that long!

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