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5 Traits That Lady Gaga Has That Every Professional Needs


Lady Gaga know what she’s doing when it comes to personal branding, and more professionals could learn a thing or two if they followed her example. Here are five of the international pop star’s traits that every professional needs to create a successful personal brand.

Lady Gaga 

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1. Uniqueness – Without a doubt, Lady Gaga is as unique as they come — giving Madonna a run for her money. In the professional world, much like Hollywood, if you aren’t bringing something different, then you’re already yesterday’s news. Take a lesson or two from Lady Gaga and find ways to express your individuality to help you get noticed by prospective employers. And no, that doesn’t mean showing up to your interview in a meat dress, as Gaga did at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

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2. Fearlessness – Don’t be afraid to “dance to the beat of your own drum” when you set out to conquer your career goals. When Def Jam Records dropped Lady Gaga from their label shortly after signing the singer, the tenacious entertainer didn’t let a little bump in the road deter her from accomplishing her ultimate dream — international stardom. Instead, Gaga picked herself up and performed in various night clubs and small venues until a well-known artist, R&B singer Akon, eventually signed her to a label under Interscope Records’ umbrella. If more professionals were as fearless and persistent as Lady Gaga, they’d be happier and more fulfilled, because they’d be living out their dreams and not settling for second best.

3. The ability to dream big – Apparently, John Lennon was referring to Lady Gaga when he sang, “You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.” The ability to dream big builds the foundation for passion and ambition to grow, and Lady Gaga definitely knows how to dream insanely big. Her ambitions have led her to become an international superstar, icon, and role model for millions of people around the world, and she’s only just begun. Learn to tap into your inner child’s imagination and dream up a fabulous career path and go after it.

4. Consistency – One thing Lady Gaga does flawlessly is being consistent with her ability to perform, excite, and inspire through her craft. Her fans always know what to expect — even if that is the unexpected — and they always come back for more. Likewise, employers seek out individuals who are consistent in their work and abilities because those workers are usually trustworthy and reliable. 

5. Passion – It’s obvious that Lady Gaga’s passion can be seen in all of her performances, interviews, and wardrobe choices. She is passionate about promoting equality, positivity, and love, with many of her songs encourage people to be who they are and be free. In 2011, Lady Gaga, with the help of her good friend and supporter Oprah Winfrey, launched the Born This Way foundation with the bold message of, “Empowering youth. Inspiring bravery.” Professionals should be encouraged to follow their passions and build careers around their passions so that their careers are more meaningful and rewarding, rather than just a means to earn a paycheck.

Use these five traits to create a standout personal brand that is sure to get noticed by employers and have you on your way to career stardom.

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