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What to Look for When Hiring New Graduates


New graduates from the class of 2013 are likely in the midst of a job search that is as frustrating, if not more, than your search for the perfect new candidate. With the current economic state, you are probably receiving more applicants than ever for entry-level positions, making it much harder to decide on which recent grads would be the best fit for the job. Below are a few tips for finding the best new graduates to hire.

While work experience is always a big factor, life experience is important as well. During the interview, ask a few questions about past life experiences, what they have done outside of school, and the little or big things that have made an impact on their lives.

In conjunction with this, it’s important to look at their volunteer experience. What organizations do they support; what are they passionate about? Did they take part in any school activities, like volunteering at the paper or radio station? Look beyond what is written on the resume and find out who these people really are. Can you see them working in your office?

Lastly, don’t forget to sell yourself. These grads are applying to a ton of jobs every day, so you can assume that they will be going on dozens of interviews and are likely to get more than one offer. During the interview, it’s important to note what makes your business different, and why said candidate would be happy working for you.

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