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Salary Guide for UX Jobs [infographic]


User Experience (UX) designers have become an integral part of the digital world. Onward Search put together the below infographic to outline UX jobs pay, the types of UX jobs that are in demand and the cities with the highest demand for UX professionals.

If you are looking for a UX job, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and San Jose are the places to be. Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles are also in demand of UX professionals, but much less so. UX/UI Developers are the most in demand in the profession (38 percent), with UX/UI Designers following close behind (33 percent).

The salary for each UX job varies slightly by city. In New York City, a UX/UI Designer can make $92,000 to $131,000, and a UX/UI Developer can make $97,000 to $131,000. However, the same positions in Seattle pay between $70,000 and $100,000. Conversely, in Pittsburgh, the same positions pay $57,000-$82,000.

Learn more about the UX profession in the infographic below.

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