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3 Technology Flubs That Are Sabotaging Your Job


In this day and age, modern technology seems to have taken over every aspect of our lives, including our careers. From social networking sites that allow us to stay constantly connected to colleagues, to iPhone apps that provide us with efficient ways to get our work done and even to 3D printing technology we use at work, it’s essential to stay on top of every technology trend, right? Well, not so fast. Let’s take a good, hard look at your typical workday for a moment. If you often find yourself staring at your computer at the end of the day without a single item on your task list complete, technology could very well be the culprit to your constant procrastination.

The next time you’re at the office, pay special attention to the following tech faux paus that could be hurting your career rather than helping it. Are you guilty of these three workplace tech mistakes?

1.) Choosing Digital Distractions Over Real-Life Interactions

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Fact: People are not machines, even though we can be treated as such when under outlandish project deadlines. But with the emergence of high-tech gadgets like Google Glass making people look like robots, it’s important to remember that you are still a living, breathing human being — and those around you are, too. Because of advances in modern technology, we have become less connected to our peers and colleagues when it comes to real-life human interactions. 

If your only sources of communication are through text messaging, email and social networking websites, both your career and personal life could end up in jeopardy. Face-to-face conversations at work can solve real problems and provide insight that you might miss through digital communications. So, put down the smartphone and the iPad. Actually speak to your colleagues. Get to know your peers, and more importantly, your boss. You might be surprised how quickly you can climb the corporate ladder once you do so.

2.) Adopting Application Overload Rather Than Simple Solutions

These days, there’s an app for everything – including productivity. You may feel like a super tech-savvy and awesome employee once you download all of those task, calendar and timer apps, but if push notifications on your smartphone are consistently interrupting your work, you have a productivity problem, dear friend. And it could cost you your job. 

If your “productivity” apps are feeding your procrastination habit instead of alleviating you from this common workplace burden, quit kidding yourself. Leave the productivity apps behind, simplify your gadgets and stick to a physical, paper calendar and Post-It notes to get back to being a truly productive staff member. You’ll feel much better at the end of the day knowing you’re actually knocking things off your task list, rather than using that time to update apps on your phone. 

3.) Opting to Overshare Instead of Tightening Your Tongue

Think those social posts about your workplace are witty and funny there, Twitter rock star? You might want to go back and delete them before you lose your job. Oversharing what goes on during your workday can certainly cost you your career — especially when you paint it in a negative light. Case in point: A California Pizza Kitchen server once lost his job after tweeting, “black button ups are the lamest shit ever.” He also made the mistake of messaging the restaurant’s Twitter account. Was it just a publicity stunt to further his comedy career? Perhaps. But, you really don’t want to end up like him or one of these people who got fired for posting things their employers didn’t “Like.” 

Keep in mind that your posts on social media can still be authentic and fun as long as you ban those fingers from typing on topics that could get you fired. We’re so connected to everyone these days, so you never know whose eyes might stumble upon your words. It’s in your best interest to zip your lips social butterfly. And if you really must bad-mouth your horrible boss on social sites, don’t mention any real names, the company you work for or any confidential information. And keep those rants locked under a pseudonym on a private account. 

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