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13 Spooky Halloween Cubicles to Inspire Your Office Decor

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Halloween cubicles

Halloween is arguably the best holiday of the year, especially at work. At the very least, there’s usually a sharp uptick in candy and other assorted treats. And, some offices go all out, with costume contests and cubicle-decorating competitions.

If your workplace is seriously into Halloween, now’s the time to embrace the spoopyness and start planning your decorating scheme. These spooky Halloween cubicles will inspire you:

1. The Well-Executed Classic

This is dad's workstation #halloween #halloweencubicle #trickortreat

A post shared by RICE&BUNBUN (@rice.n.bunbun) on

Skeleton: check. Cobwebs: check. Caution tape: check. Basically the perfect Halloween cubicle.

2. Here Lies Scott

This is dad's coworker workstation #halloween #halloweencubicle #trickortreat

A post shared by RICE&BUNBUN (@rice.n.bunbun) on

Poor Scott.

3. The Uncluttered, But Still Festive, Halloween Cubicle

#halloweencubicle #ilovehalloween

A post shared by Ashley knueppel (@roohope50) on

Not everyone can be productive typing around a pile of decapitated dolls’ heads and rubber spiders. We get it. If you’re Team Clean Desk, this look might work best for you. Bonus: it looks fancy, but it’s actually pretty cheap. You can get most of this stuff at your local party store for a couple of bucks.

4. For the Person Whose Cubicle Always Looks Like a Crime Scene

Someone killed our Support guy! #whodunnit #thebutlerdidit #halloweencubicle #itwasken

A post shared by Epicurean Chronicles® (@epicureanchronicles) on

On the other hand, if you’re Team Messy Desk, you might want to go all out. After all, you’re used to working around a little bit of clutter.

5. We Have Comp Time Down Here

Watch your coworkers line up to dive into Pennywise’s sewer.

6. This Oddly Welcoming Cubicle

The sad part is I think we are adding more! Haha #paychex #halloweencube @insidepaychex

A post shared by Mixed Barbie (@mixedbarbie3) on

The signs say, “Do not enter,” but the happy spider says, “Just kidding.”

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7. For the Coworker With the October Birthday

Make your office BFF this crepe-paper mummy, and show them you’d be friends even if you weren’t cubicle neighbors.

8. The Creepy Circus Food Stand

Creepy because circus; awesome because food.

9. A Cubicle Carnival of Horror

We really hope she left this up for at least the whole month of October. Honestly, it’s a solid choice for year-round decor. Think how much more private your cubicle would feel, if it had a roof.

10. The Haunted Computer

Let’s face it, half the time your computer feels haunted anyway. With a little construction paper and some creativity, you can turn your monitor into an official haunted workstation. It’ll feel appropriate, the next time your machine freezes … with fear.

11. This Terrifying Haunted Cubicle That Has It All

My #hauntedcubicle for #halloweenatwork! #halloween #desk #deskdecor #wow #pdx #work

A post shared by Paul Moore Jr (@just_paul_moore) on

At first glance, we see a Rancor, a scarecrow, a lot of spider webs and a couple of skulls way in the background. There might be a hawk somewhere in there? It’s hard to tell. Anyway, it’s scary.

12. For the Office’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan

Hogwarts Style #halloweenatwork

A post shared by Jennifer Voss (@jennbvoss) on

Turn your cubicle into Hogwarts with these “floating candles.”

13. The Door That Means Business

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a real office, you can use the holiday to remind people that your door is not, in fact, always open. It might not be a great move, leadership-wise, but you’ll get terrifying amounts of work done … at least for a few weeks.

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