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Huffpost Reenergizes Tired Employees With Air Naps


By now, most of us know that taking an afternoon nap is good for us. It lowers blood pressure, researchers say, and might even make you more productive at work.

But not every boss is going to be persuaded by research studies — at least, not enough to let us have an official snooze at work. (The ones you take in the bathroom stall or in an abandoned conference room don’t count.) Which is why we’re so jealous of the folks at the Huffington Post, who not only get to take naps at work, but do so while suspended in hammocks that look more like pods out of science fiction than places to sleep.

Air Naps, as they’re called, are the brainchild of Shama Patel, who introduced them at her studio Flex + Fit, in Charlotte, N.C., with office workers specifically in mind.

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“I created the class to offer overworked corporate America a way to recharge and return to work rejuvenated and ready to take on the day,” Patel wrote.

The Huffington Post tried out Patel’s napping system as part of their Oasis, the lounge they set up during the Democratic National Convention to provide a little peace and quiet amidst the hubbub and stress of covering the event. The rocking motion of hammocks, they say, helps encourage a deeper sleep than the usual nap on a stationary surface.

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