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5 Easy Ways Managers Can Boost Employee Productivity


The Internet is awash in efficiency tips, but in Jeff Haden’s latest column for Inc., he offers five easy ways to boost employee productivity that you might not have thought of yet. Managers, take note!

  • Add self-esteem incentives. These initiatives are meant to boost employees’ confidence in a way that resounds with them. For some team members, this might mean cross-training in a different department, while for others, it might mean getting the lead role in a crucial project.
  • Jettison unnecessary tasks. Worthless tasks — typically the ones justified by “that’s how we’ve always done things” — only waste time and prevent your teams from doing their best work. Eliminate these mindless tasks and watch productivity soar.
  • Ask your team for suggestions. What could you do to make your employees’ jobs easier? You won’t know unless you ask. “Never force your employees to settle for a ‘same stuff, different day’ work life,” advises Haden. “Status quo is a motivation and productivity killer.”
  • Help out. Every chance you get to help your team is an opportunity to interact with them and check in on their overall well-being in a natural way. You might be surprised by what you learn managing this way.
  • Streamline expectations. “Deciding what to do is important, but often deciding what not to do is even more important,” writes Haden. Help your employees prioritize the most essential aspects of each project, and they’ll spend less time on the less-important things.

Managers, what other strategies have you used to boost employees’ productivity?

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