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3 Types of Tea to Keep at Work


Even if you’re a diehard coffee addict, there’s something to be said for the soothing lift that a good cup of tea provides.

For folks who want to expand their office tea selection, the folks at theKitchn have provided a list of great types of tea to keep at work. Here are some of my favorites:

1. The In-Between Tea: When you don’t want the jolt of coffee or black tea, but green tea won’t cut it, reach for one of these medium-caffeinated beverages. TheKitchn crew likes guayusa; I’m also partial to yerba mate, which has a similar amount of caffeine, plus other herbs that allegedly make you more alert.

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2. The Stress-Relief Tea: Herbal teas containing lavender are thought to be good for relieving stress — perfect for before or after a presentation, or anytime you’re feeling under the gun.

3. The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Lightly caffeinated green tea will give you a little boost in the afternoon, and some studies have suggested that it helps freshen breath and prevent tooth decay.

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