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The Taco That Created 15,000 Jobs


If the government is looking for a way to keep adding jobs to the economy, maybe they should get into the taco business. Of course, it all depends on which taco: the Doritos Locos Taco, from Taco Bell, which debuted last year, is partly responsible for the addition of 15,000 new jobs, according to the restaurant chain.

The collaboration with Frito Lay was such a big hit, the companies delayed the introduction of their next joint project, a Cool Ranch version, until earlier this month — perhaps to capitalize on the alleged 1 million tacos per day they’ve been turning out since America decided that it did, in fact want taco shells made entirely out of nacho cheese Doritos.

Greg Creed, chief executive officer of Taco Bell, tells the Daily Beast that he believes his company can open 2,000 new restaurants in the next ten years on the strength of its growing business, so who knows how many workers this 170-calorie cheese bomb might someday support.

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Whatever the number, it’s likely that they’ll be full-timers.

“We know that the productivity of our full-time employees exceeds that of our part-time workers,” Creed says. “We’ve done some research. The top thing that customers look at is how people treat their employees. They’ll judge us not just on quality of food, but on how we treat our team members.”

Cashiers at Taco Bell make an average of $7.77 an hour — slightly above the federal minimum wage, and just about market rate for those positions, while general managers can clear over $50,000 a year, depending on their experience level.

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