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Does Grad School Pay Off? [infographic]


It’s a no brainer that having a bachelor’s degree in today’s market is essential for becoming a successful professional. However, there are many graduates who want to stand out and are wondering if seeking higher education is the answer. Does grad school pay off? This infographic explores the statistics.

A higher education is going to run you about $8,763 in the public spectrum. If you go to a private school, that number will jump to $20,368. There is good news, though: 54 percent of employers will actually offer some form of financial aid for grad school.

The average debt for those receiving a professional degree was nearly $80,000. With an interest rate of 7.5 percent, you’ll pay $950 a month to pay the loan off in 10 years. That means you’ll need to earn at least $114,000 annually to successfully meet those terms. The area you can reap the rewards most are in the health and medicine industry. Internists can make $219,5000 per year, while dermatologists earn $386,068 and cardiologists $422,921.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on whether grad school pays off.

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