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The 10 Most-Read Stories on Career News in 2018

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Not into New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you prefer to use the last gasp of the old year to reflect on the past 12 months — what you learned, how you changed, what was on your mind.

Year-end roundups are useful for that purpose. By looking at the most popular stories on Career News during the past year, we can learn a lot about what professionals cared about during 2018. In short: avoiding bad bosses, finding new solutions to common problems and being happier at work.

These were the top 10 most-read stories this past year:

1. 7 Signs You’re Interviewing With a Bad Boss

If you’ve ever worked with a bad boss before, you know that they can have a real impact on your career — and not the kind you want. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spot these folks before you took a new job? Our most-read story in 2018 offers signs to watch out for when you’re interviewing. Read it here.

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2. Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions First

Unemployment is at a near 50-year low, but it can still take a few months to find a new job. It makes sense to be sure before you quit your current position, especially if you don’t have something lined up. Ask yourself the right questions before you make up your mind.

3. Who Gets Paid During a Government Shutdown — and Who Doesn’t

2018 saw three government shutdowns, including one at the end of the year that placed 380,000 federal workers on furlough and forced 420,000 employees to work without pay. But who gets paid during a government shutdown? Hint: the lawmakers who strike the deals to reopen the government don’t have to wait for their direct deposit. Learn more about how government shutdowns affect federal workers.

4. 7 Ways to Be Seen as More Powerful at Work

The boss isn’t the only one with clout at most organizations. If you want to have more control over your career and a better reputation among your coworkers, there are a few things you can do to seem more powerful.

5. Woman Steals Identity to Land Six-Figure Job in HR, Is Promoted Before Crime Discovered

You’ve probably heard the expression “fake it till you make it.” But this story takes that advice a bit too far. Cindy T. White, 41, of Slidell, Louisiana landed a six-figure HR job using the identity of someone else. She must have had some natural talent for the role, however; she was promoted before she got caught.

6. 4 Work-From-Home Jobs That Aren’t Data Entry or Customer Service

Think most telecommuting jobs are low-paid gigs answering phones or entering numbers? Think again. There are work-from-home jobs in fields ranging from media to medicine. There might even be one out there for you. Learn about a few unusual work-from-home jobs here.

7. The 5 Most Common Workplace Struggles Employees Face in 2018

Workplace politics, bad work-life balance and staggering workloads — today’s workers have a lot on their plate. LinkedIn polled its users to find out which workplace issues were bothering their users the most. See if any of these seem familiar to you.

8. How to Be Happy at Work, According to Science

Have friends at work, let go of perfectionism — and take that vacation. Being happy at work means reaching out to others and setting boundaries for yourself. Learn what else boosts happiness, according to research.

9. 7 Reasons You Didn’t Get That Promotion

It’s hard to hear that you’re not going to get that snazzy new job title, after putting your all into lobbying the boss for a promotion. But it’s worth it to put aside your hurt and do a little investigating. You might learn something that will help you climb the ladder later on … or show you that it’s time to set your sights on a new job. Here are a few reasons why you might have missed out on that promotion.

10. This Is the Real Reason You Shouldn’t Work Long Hours

Finally, to close out our list, some good news: working long hours isn’t helping you be more productive at work. In fact, research shows that you might get more done if you put in less time. Sound impossible? Here’s a pretty good case for doing less.

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